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dated between Jun 7, 2021 & Today

Happy 50th Anniversary To Lettuce!

Abajo esta la versión en Español.


Hello everyone,

Today, I join Rich, Kevin, Jerrod, Molly, Martha, Fred and all of Lettuce’s partners in saying Happy 50th Anniversary and recognizing the contributions of every Lettuce team member since the opening team of R.J. Grunt’s on June 10, 1971.  

Rich has prepared a special video message of thanks, which I encourage you to watch.   Please share the message on Harri, at team meetings, and any other ways you can think of to get the message to everyone on your teams.

I don’t have to tell you that this has been a really challenging year and a half.  We wouldn’t have made it through without the unbelievable, on-going efforts of the leaders and the teams in our restaurants and at the corporate office.  You have done amazing work.  

By no means is the stress and difficulty behind us, but we are on the brink of better times. I woke up this morning thinking about how fitting it is that tomorrow marks not only the start of our next 50 years but also the lifting of the last restrictions.  It’s a day we’ve been looking forward to since last March.  This transition brings both excitement and new stressors.  But we have so much to look forward to and are more grateful than ever for the commitment, resilience and effort that each of you bring to Lettuce every day.  It does not go unnoticed by any of us and personally, I couldn’t be more proud.  


Thank you again,



Aqui esta la versión en Español:

Cordial saludo,

Hoy, me uno a Rich, Kevin, Jerrod, Molly, Martha, Fred y todos los socios de Lettuce para decir Feliz 50 aniversario y reconocer las contribuciones de cada miembro del equipo de Lettuce desde el equipo inaugural de R.J. Grunt’s el 10 de junio de 1971.

Rich ha preparado un video con un mensaje especial de agradecimiento, que pueden. Comparta el mensaje en Harri, en las reuniones de equipo y cualquier otra forma que se le ocurra para hacer llegar el mensaje a todos los miembros de su equipo.


No tengo que decirles que este ha sido un año y medio realmente desafiante. No lo hubiéramos logrado sin los increíbles esfuerzos continuos de los líderes y los equipos en nuestros restaurantes y en la oficina corporativa. Han hecho un trabajo asombroso.

De ninguna manera el estrés y las dificultades han quedado atrás, pero estamos al borde de tiempos mejores. Me desperté esta mañana pensando en lo apropiado que es que mañana marque no solo el comienzo de nuestros próximos 50 años, sino también el levantamiento de las últimas restricciones. Es un día que hemos estado esperando desde el pasado mes de marzo. Esta transición trae tanto entusiasmo como nuevos factores estresantes. Pero tenemos mucho que esperar y estamos más agradecidos que nunca por el compromiso, la resistencia y el esfuerzo que cada uno de ustedes aporta a Lettuce todos los días. No pasa desapercibido para ninguno de nosotros y personalmente, no podría estar más orgulloso. 

Gracias de Nuevo,



Pride Event

As Lettuce strives to foster diverse and inclusive environments, the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Program aims to create space of all kinds for all employees to share their stories and perspectives. In follow up to John Simmons’ LGTBQIA+ Pride message, we would like to invite you to a virtual event to celebrate and amplify voices from the LGBTQIA+ community. Pour a cocktail or mocktail and join us on this LINK TO PRIDE EVENT on Monday June 21st 6pm- 7pm CST as we raise a toast to reconnection for Pride, after a long year of social distancing, and to love being love.  

For the virtual event, John will lead a panel of Lettuce leaders in the DEI Program’s first open forum discussion. Christopher Gumprecht, Vice President of Guest Technology, Shaquita Middlebrook, M Burger General Manager and Rachel Quintana, IT Field Operations Manager will be featured panelists for a conversation centered on the 2019 documentary, State of Pride.  Click here to watch the short trailer. Directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman bring us stories from LGTBQIA+ people across the United States as they prepare for Pride festivities 50 years after the Stonewall Riots. This 70-minute documentary features diverse points of view and intentionally focuses on small town perspectives. The State of Pride can be viewed in its entirety at no cost and free of ads at the link below.  

We recommend watching the movie prior to the event, however, it is not required in order to join or participate in the conversation. John, Christopher, Rachel and Shaquita will share their perspectives and personal stories of Pride, and attendees are encouraged to add to the conversation. Pre- register by emailing with STATE OF PRIDE in the subject line, you will receive a calendar invitation with the Google Meets Link to join. Pre- registration is encouraged but not required.

We are excited to hear from our LGTBQIA+ employees and their allies, all of whom embody our Culture of Caring and make Lettuce a better place to be. Email Monique Hunt, Lettuce’s DEI Program Manager at if you have any questions. We hope to see you there!


Before You Watch … This documentary explores topics related to sexual and gender identity and expression.  It contains sexually explicit subject matter, images and language that may not be suitable for everyone.  In addition, the opinions expressed in the documentary are those of the people who express them and are not necessarily those of Lettuce Entertain You. Please consider this when deciding whether you choose to voluntarily watch the documentary and/or participate in the discussion. 

Click this link to watch:   The State of Pride


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